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Product   Lexabean Build Your Own Body@Home - Palm 
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Description Given a 3 star (out of 4) review in the Sept, 2004 issue of Fitness Magazine - This product includes 700+ techniques & workouts, all with video that can be viewed on your PDA. Each Video clip is of a Certified Personal Trainer demonstrating the proper form for that technique. Browse the techniques and videos on your PDA to get ideas on what to do and how to do it, then record your workout in our diary for later review. Take advantage of this special price while it lasts!!! Product features include: -Videos for your PDA: Browse videos on your PDA of Certified Personal Trainers demonstrating how to perform an extensive collection of workouts. -Pre-plan workouts: Plan your workouts ahead of time and hit the gym with a custom workout that you've create! -Strength Training Diary: Record your workouts on your PDA, view & print reports from your desktop. -Integrated Cardio/Running/Triathletic Diary: Enter and track all of your Cardio, Running and Triathletic workouts. View & print reports from your desktop. Just a few types of Cardio workouts are displayed to the right. -One Rep Max Calculator Export Data: Save your Cardio and Strength Training workout history data in a file (Comma Separated format) that can be imported into other applications, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. -Work with a Personal Trainer: The ability to receive custom workouts from your own Personal Trainer (or one of ours) and download them into your PDA. All workouts include video and recommendations for sets, reps and weight. You can then browse their workout while you are at the gym. -Sports Specific Workouts: Purchase Sports Specific workouts created by Certified Personal Trainers. -Query By Example searching: use our advanced query by example screens to search our extensive database of techniques. 
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,WindowsCE,Palm OS,Windows XP,PocketPC 
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File Size 19470775 
Add Date   05/06/2004
Update Date   01/24/2011
USDPrice $14.95     
Vendor ID   11126
Vendor   Lexabean Consulting, LLC
Vendor Support Email   support@lexabean.com

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